The Most Used eCommerce Platforms Today

If you are following the latest trends in the world of eCommerce, you have probably realized that using an eCommerce platform is the simplest way to launch an online store. These platforms make the entire process of creating a store much easier and in some cases, you can get your online store published in less than a day. Of course, if you want to get the most from this business venture, our advice is to stick to the most used eCommerce platforms. That’s why we have prepared this top list.


Kartcastle is becoming more and more popular these days. One of the best things about this eCommerce platform is that the user interface looks great. It also has many useful add-on applications that will make your eCommerce activities simpler. All it takes is to download and install these apps and watch how the functionality of your website is affected.


First of all, when you use Volusion you are getting a chance to create an online store with the help of one main template file. In case this is not enough to take this eCommerce platform into account, we should also point out that the platform allows users to create carts, categories, add products and use marketing tools too. All these things are available at a reasonable price.


Shopify is a hosted option used by millions of stores. It is the best solution for new online sellers with no previous experience in this area. Creating an online store and running it has never been easier thanks to Shopify. This is also a cost-affordable solution. Shopify comes with excellent loading speed, mobile friendliness, perfect customer support and hundreds of attractive customizable templates.


WooCommerce is usually used by small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have plans to expand and become large businesses. Keep in mind that this is actually a WordPress plugin which means that you need a WordPress-powered site to use it. The basic version of WooCommerce is completely free. This is an un-hosted platform/plugin that has a solid shopping cart.


This is another great option for small and medium-sized businesses. Although this platform has some advanced features, it’s still easy to use it even if you have never used an eCommerce platform before. The myriad of features is the reason why this platform is more expensive than the others. It’s also worth mentioning that this platform leaves website owners room to scale easily.

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